Please make sure you have read and understood the guidelines below before you decide whether to make your resume(s) searchable and viewable by prospective employers.

There are two ways to submit a resume to our database:

1 You can create an online resume from the “submit a resume” page

2 You can create an online resume during your job application

In each of the above scenarios you will be presented with an online form which asks you for some details about yourself, your work history and your education. This form also allows you to submit a “PDF” document to support your resume/job application. It is important to realise that the content of the document that you upload will be available for anybody who views your online resume to download and read. The contents of this supporting document is not searchable by employers using our “search database of resumes” function only the details that you enter into the online form become searchable by employers.

When you create an online resume to store in your account using either of the methods listed above, you can specify in the form whether you wish to make that resume searchable by employers. If you select “no” your resume will be available to you, in your account, and you will be able to use it for job applications through our site but employers searching our database will not be able to see it. If you select that you wish to make your resume searchable, then the details you have entered using the online form fields can be searched for by employers. They will be able to view these details and, if you have added a supporting “PDF” file, they will be presented with a link to download this file.

When employers search our database of resumes they will look for keywords to describe the skills and experience that you have. For example they may search for “Website Developer – PHP, HTML, CSS”. You can use the skills field to list skills that you have and this will help prospective employers to find you.

When an employer submits a search of our resume database they are returned a list of results – this shows the first name only of the candidate. When an employer views the resume of a candidate they can see their first name only.

Some tips:

You can create more than one online resume so you could have one that you set as searchable in which you use your first initial rather than your first name. This would mean that employers would only be able to see your first initial when viewing the resume your surname would be hidden by default. You could create a second resume with your full details in to use for job applications.

Remember, if you attach a supporting PDF document to a resume which you make searchable, employers will be able to download and read the contents of that document.

When you enter keywords to describe your skills, try and think about the terms that employers will be using when they search the resume database. You could include the name of popular software that you know how to use or qualifications that you hold – E.G. “ACCA”